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Business Situation

Borcelle Health Service– a not-for-profit health provider that operates a network of hospitals across Queensland, Australia – has been working with Genesis on its digital transformation strategy to change the way healthcare is delivered and received. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we began looking for rapid solutions to help the provider safely deal with an influx of patients afflicted with the virus. Borcelle needed to replace paper-based, in-person data collection processes with digital and virtual solutions, minimizing the risk of transmission and protecting the safety of staff and other patients.

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Genesis and Borcelle created an application in just a few weeks using Microsoft Power Apps that digitized physician and nursing workflows and automated several patient forms and data pieces that the organization wasn’t able to do with its paper-based processes. This greatly reduced the amount of time caregivers spent filling out forms and doing manual reporting, allowing more patients to be served.

Key to this rapid implementation was our use of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator which uses a pre-configured data model to drive value quickly.


Borcelle is once again looking at its overall digital transformation and is much further ahead than it would have been without our engagement. By setting the right foundations, this solution supports the pandemic crisis and will help Borcelle on its journey to digitize more processes within the hospital and expand the level of homecare it can offer its patients.

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