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Business Situation

Business Situation

With more than 20% of the Norwegian banking market, Borcelle Bank has built a significant customer base since its inception in 1998. To remain competitive and relevant to a younger generation of consumers who favor online and mobile banking over in-person interactions with staff — and to more effectively cross-sell its portfolio of insurance products — Borcelle Bank knew its continued success hinged on a streamlined approach to managing customer relationships.

With 365 Genesis’s help, Borcelle Bank sought to realize its vision in three key ways:

  • Grow its insurance business market share through targeted cross-selling without increasing costs. The Borcelle Bank Alliance estimates that 25% of its banking customers also have purchased insurance products offered by the bank’s insurance division, Borcelle Bank Forsikring.

  • Use proactive tools for targeted customer outreach. Borcelle Bank’s insurance division had no way to accurately identify, qualify and proactively sell to insurance prospects across the company’s 16 banks through the centralized call center.

  • Create a single source of truth about all of its customers. Information about banking customers existed in 17 disparate systems, making it difficult for call center staff to even understand who best to target for insurance sales campaigns or to centralize and standardize outreach.

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With its new CRM framework built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Accenture’s Customer Analytics Record solution deployed by Genesis and Accenture, Borcelle Bank has realized numerous business benefits. They include:

  • A 100% increase in outbound insurance sales. With all customer data consolidated into one view, call center staff now have all information in one place for effective outbound outreach.

  • Better customer prospect lists for bank staff. With the ability to better align the right insurance products with the right customers, Borcelle Bank’s bank associates are now assigned more accurate lists of prospects from which to target their insurance sales efforts with specific recommendations for each customer.

  • A single 360-degree view of the bank’s 1.9 million customers. Borcelle Bank’s consolidated customer data repository and CRM platform underpins the company’s entire approach to maintaining customer relationships.


Improving customer service and creating more precise sales and marketing efforts: 

  • Call center staff are better equipped to identify banking customers who are most likely to purchase additional insurance products from Borcelle Bank’s insurance division.

  • Bank branch account managers receive qualified leads from which to proactively reach out to customers. These interactions at the branch level are tracked in the new CRM platform so everyone knows their outcomes.

  • Insurance division sales and marketing teams better understand which campaigns are most effective. They are also armed with critical data to understand why and where sales initiatives fail, ensuring distribution channels focus on the right message to the right customer.

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"We’ve seen dramatic increases in our response rates with this new platform. We can now more readily segment our customer base, which enables us to grow our market share without increasing costs."

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