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Business Situation

Shield Insurance, commonly known as Shield, is Switzerland’s largest insurance company. While its legacy on-premises customer relationship management (CRM) system satisfied the company’s need for lead management and tracking the customer journey, it had reached its limits for growth and effectiveness. Shield wanted a modern cloud platform with new features and innovative tools to better understand and respond faster to its customers.

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To support its goal of becoming a technology pioneer in the insurance market, Shield  chose to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure. Given our expertise with cloud migrations, Shield called on us to help with the technology design, project management and risk management. 365 Genesis  Advisory worked with Shield  to develop the prototypes, set up new IT infrastructure and then move up to 4,000 users to the cloud. This implementation became one of the largest Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement projects in the financial services industry and laid the foundation for Shield ’s improved customer management system.


The new Dynamics 365 and Azure cloud components will support Shield ’s business processes so it can continue expanding its customer base and support additional business units. Enhanced customer, policy and complaints management will allow Shield  to identify new opportunities for customer care. More specifically, cloud is unlocking value and enabling new growth through:

  • Flexible and efficient lead management

  • Mobile service capabilities with secure, anytime, anywhere access

  • New integrated features

  • Access to Power Apps

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